another 'strava-related' mountain bike injury

22 March 2015 - hit a tree at 30km/h & broke ribs

After breaking my shoulder on 26 Dec 2013 when riding my mountain bike in the Clarence mountain bike park (chasing my Strava best times on mtb trails), I had a long period of rehab to get strength back.

Even after 18 months, my shoulder was still permanently hurting.  You would have thought I would learn a lesson from this...

On 22 March 2015 I headed out for a ride after work in the same place.  I was going hard and trying to do some personal best times for some sections of track.  I had just completed some good sections and then had a go at a section known as 'fun time'.

I started well and had more than my normal amount of momentum and speed up.  As a result when the track reached some twisty sections on loose dirt I ran a bit wide on a bend and ran off the track heading for a close tree at 30km/h.

I was heading right for it and somehow as I tried to brake and brace myself for impact I think I must have been going over the handlebars and my feet ended up in the air.

I hit the tree flush on my back with my feet in the air and then crumpled onto the ground - winded & groaning.

As I struggled for breath, which came back to me after about 30 seconds, I then started assessing whether I had broken my back or neck.

I knew I was hurting from the big impact.  I crawled off the windy single-track in case more riders came through.  My small backpack had broken a strap and I hung it over my head with one strap and struggled to my feet.  My chain had also come off and the handlebars were a bit bent.

I got on the bike and rolled back down the track to my car.  It took a lot of effort to lift my bike back onto my rack and drive home.  After washing the dirt off I got a lift into hospital for x-rays.

I had a 3 hour wait for the x-rays to find out what I already believed ... that I had broken ribs - on the right side of my back.

26 March 2015 update ... Now after 4 days the injury is still very sore and sleeping is worse than sitting upright because when you lie down it squashes your ribs.  I try and sleep sitting up on the couch.  When the pain medication wears off - any movements result in sharp pains that make me squeal.

The lesson from this is ... only go hard on the mountain bike up hill where you are going slowly & falling off doesn't cause major injuries.  Don't do any more fast downhill sections.