back in the kayak again - after mtb injuries

Saturday 11 April 2015

After breaking my ribs on 22 March 2015 & other impact injuries (muscle/ligament/blood in lung) from hitting the tree, I headed out in my Grafton - Time Bandit racing kayak today to test out the healing.  I took my time bandit because at 12kg, that was as much as I could lift onto the car.

I headed out at Midway Point where the conditions get tidal flow moving water combined with a good breeze to make it interesting.  I only did 8km but I started feeling a bit of 'movement' which felt like the ends of unhealed ribs grating against each other.  I don't know if I was imagining that - but something was grating.

It will still take a few weeks to be able to put in a 'racing' effort where I can really drive hard with the paddle.  I got up to 11.5km/h today for a while but I started to feel a twinge in the injury spot.

I will try a careful mountain bike ride soon and make sure that I don't crash.