Next Level Kayaking (Moving Targets) and other Hobart kayak training

After my careless mountain bike riding where I hit a tree flat on my back as I was going over the handlebars (with my feet vertically in the air), I've decided to try and stick to a lower impact sport for a while.

Ben Maynard's 'Moving Targets Group' within his Next Level Kayaking business has been a great motivator.  After two weeks with this group, I've become motivated again thanks to the groups of 25+ enthusiastic paddlers every session.

Kayak training in Hobart through the winter takes a fair bit of dedication with short daylight hours, regular cold weather & strong winds but training with a good group makes this easier as everyone motivates each other and you don't want to miss a session because you know that if you miss a session, that all the other guys that turn up & train hard are getting a big advantage over you.

Besides the Next Level Kayaking (NLK) sessions, I've been going to a few kayak/surf ski sessions at Lauderdale - Frederick Henry Bay - with 'South Arm Peninsula Paddlers'.  Those sessions have also been great - especially when there has been a strong southerly wind and the points from Clifton to Seven Mile Beach are up.

On most of my winter sessions I've been paddling my Grafton Time Bandit because it can handle rough water but it is enclosed and warm in the cold, windy weather.  I have a Fenn Swordfish for big downwind paddles.  I used to have an Epic V10L (the older model) & sold that about 12 months ago, so I have been without a racing ski.  To rectify this I've been testing a few skis and just ordered a Fenn Elite S (carbon hybrid model).  I loved the test paddle of this ski and I'm looking forward to taking it out in some good, wavey conditions when it arrives next week (15 May).